LaCrosse Down Comforter

It all began in 1983 when the US army contracted PrimaLoft’s previous parent company, Albany International Corp to craft a waterproof alternative goose down to keep troops’ performance at full pelt amidst inclement weather.

The company shone through. In the early 1990’s, their ground-breaking insulation technology inspired a synthetic alternative down, a novel product with similar lightweight, compressibility and warmth.

Our LaCrosse Down Comforter Review discusses a product widely used by high-end hotels and resorts. It contains rare PrimaLoft® Deluxe fill-a super quality, hypoallergenic synthetic microfiber with the opulence and thermal-insulating qualities of down.

It has a distinctive silky texture for an ultra-soft and comfortable touch. Its machine washable and dryable, you can do it frequently without melting away any of its properties.

Salient Features | LaCrosse Down Comforter Review

1. Intelligent & Secure StitchingLaCrosse Down

The LaCrosse Down Comforter 100% cotton twill has 295-thread-count to make it lightweight and long-lasting without losing the satin-like, smooth hand.

Sewn-through 12-inch box design restrains the fill from clumping for all-over uniform warmth. The box-stitch has a closed, no-shift construction locking the down in place for modicum maintenance demands.

It’s expertly finished and trimmed with double-needle top-stitching for silkier, flatter and stronger seams. You can count on its 295-thread-count cotton shell that blends durability and lightweight with eco-friendly standards.

It’s a tried-and-tested American classic identical with plush comfort, handcrafted stitching, and durable value. You will cozy up in your LaCrosse year after year without experiencing wear and tear.

2. 500-550 Fill Power

The LaCrosse Down Comforter packs 500-550 fill power to improve the quality of loft and warmth. Fill power describes the number of cubic inches occupied by each ounce of down. Its higher fill provides more body heat and loft.

The fill’s loft gives it the power to restore its original volume after compression. It also possesses a fluffier, lighter and warmer making it a one-of-a-kind comforter that renders an extremely cozy sleeping experience for the long haul.

Its lightness allows it to instantly attune to your body temperature ensure optimum breathability at all nights. It never loses its natural luster and luxurious swathes of silk.

3. Hypoallergenic Alternative to Down

Your LaCrosse comes with PrimaLoft® Deluxe fill, premium quality, and hypoallergenic synthetic microfiber which offer the opulence and thermal-regulating properties of down. The fillings provide an allergen-free environment for allergic persons ensuring a peaceful slumber.

The down mixture undergoes a process of multiple cleanings and sanitation treatments. It has a 100% cotton shell with Oeko-Tex® certification for rigorous cleaning to remove chemical compounds. Multi-tier sterilization programs provide pristine clean down without harmful dust and microbial agents.

Leak-proof cotton twill makes the down more resistant to dust mites. You can own it, and you’ll never miss the weightlessness and efficient insulation of real goose down.

4. Versatile ComfortDown Comforter

With its corner loops joined to the corner ties in your duvet cover, it will secure everything snugly in place.

It’s available in custom warmth levels viz. light, medium, and extra warmth to adjust to the demands of every bedroom temperature, weather, and body heat. It meets all sleep demands with three fill levels for varying warmth.

It also comes in a variety of sizes- Twin – 70″x90″, 24 oz. fill/Twin XL – 70″x96″, 26 oz. fill/Full – 84″x90″, 29 oz. fill/Queen – 90″x96″, 33 oz. and fill/King – 108″x96″, 40 oz. It comes in over a dozen most-sought colors to blend in any decor.

5. Machine Wash Safe

The LaCrosse Down Comforter offers unparalleled comfort without hounding you with hefty laundry bills. Just place your comforter in the washing machine and add a small quantity of a mild or all-natural detergent.

Adjust the washer to a gentle or delicate cycle. You can also hand wash the comforter. Shake it out gently to get rid of any wrinkles. Throw in tennis balls in the dryer to improve its fluffiness as you dry it out.

Dry it thoroughly to prevent mold growth in between. Shake out the comforter gently to eliminate wrinkles before use. Use a duvet cover to minimize the number of washes to protect the strength of filaments of the fill as it reduces its lofting ability.

Why Should You Use LaCrosse Down Comforter?

LaCrosse Down

1. Premium Quality Materials

The LaCrosse Down Comforter contains handpicked PrimaLoft® Deluxe fill-a plush quality, hypoallergenic synthetic microfiber.

It’s resilient, allergen-free to provide finer loft and insulating benefits for weightless warmth. It’s ultra-soft with a silk-like, smooth hand.

2. Hypoallergenic Fill

Its hypoallergenic synthetic microfiber has gone through washing and sterilization procedure to remove dust, dirt and other foreign particles that may trigger allergic reactions. You can rely on it for allergen-free sleeping if you have problems with goose down.

3. Luxurious Softness and Warmth

The 100% cotton shell allows for a weightless, breathable, and cool-to-the-touch with the delicacy and plush drape of down.

It has a higher fill loft or power providing lightweight softness and warmth. The comforter envelopes you in a cooling effect during hot weather and a warming sensation when it’s chilly for optimum comfort.

4. Enriches Bedroom Décor

The LaCrosse Down Comforter has a simple elegance of in its white sprawl. Its furry-like softness mirrors the opulence and loft of down making it a timeless design to transform your bedroom.

5. 292 Thread Count  

You can tell the quality of the comforter by its 292 TC or threads per square inch. Its leak-proof cotton shell provides a premium quality, lightweight and robust comforter.

Product Benefits
  • Incredibly soft, comfortable and warm year round
  • Machine washable and dryable without losing its properties
  • Hypoallergenic, ultra-clean synthetic microfiber down alternative
  • Lightweight and durable cotton shell
  • Corner loops keep duvet cover secured in place
  • Custom warmth levels to meet varying sleeping styles
  • Oeko-Tex® certified, 100% zero chemicals
The Negative Things
  • Frequent washing will soften the microfiber and diminish its lofting ability

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this similar to the Black Label Primaloft Comforter Deluxe?

No, the Black Label comforter offers two, not three warmth levels, packs 300-thread-count sateen twill and also shields against dust mites.

2. Does it make irritating noises like some heavy comforters I have used in the past?

No, it gives you a whisper-silent hug as you nuzzle, turn or leave your bed.

3. Besides the queen/full size, can I get a larger comforter for my oversize bed?

You can choose King – 108″x96″ or Queen – 90″x96″.

4. Can I hand wash and wring to sponge it down?

Yes for hand-wash and no for wringing, just shake out to avoid tons of wrinkles.

5. Does it require cold water or tumble dry?

No, use warm water for thorough cleaning and tumble dry on low or no heat setting.

Final Verdict

Our LaCrosse Down Comforter Review promises you luxurious PrimaLoft soothe in unlimited packages year after year. Add it to your cat to reap its superior warmth, hypoallergenic qualities, and natural softness.

It’s crafted using super-fine, 295-thread-count cotton shell, blending extreme durability and weightlessness of real goose or duck down. Besides, you can customize your preferred level of warmth. Satiny feeling and vintage styled, LaCrosse provides an ideal alternative to mainstream down comforters.

You can dive for a cuddle without worrying about any allergic impurities. Its machine or hand washable and dryable, making its maintenance a breeze. Personalize with a variety of dimensions, including an oversize king bed.