Pacific Coast European Down Comforter

With a top-class down comforter, you cannot resist the temptation to jump into bed every night nestled by a fluff of cloud. If you don’t own one, get it to experience the ultimate luxury of pristine dazzling draping that floats in the air.

Cuddle yourself in a comfortable, lightweight luxury of crisp premium quality materials, our Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter Review spells out how.

The Pacific Coast comes tightly interlaced and finely finished to prevent down spillover outside the comforter. Handpicked and Hyper clean down from the Pyrenees Mountain region of France means zero dust, dirt or allergens.

It packs higher fill power with burlier, more significant clusters that give more upper loft, exclusive insulation, and breath ability against inclement weather.

Distinguishing Features | European Down Comforter Review

1. Exotic Pacific Coast DownEuropean Down Comforter

The European Down Comforter divorces classic fillings for Pyrenees goose down. After combing through the sources of raw materials, Pacific Coast discovered exceptional and sparse Pyrenees Down extracted from the famous Pyrenees Mountain region in France.

It boasts bigger plush down clusters with a higher loft and fluffiness lending excellent insulation.

Extra-large dimensions provide a more lavish drape and comfort. The rigorously selected and sifted down undergoes thorough factory washing to remove allergic impurities.

The 650 fill power down offers all-year-round warmth and breathable comfort. It’s a full queen size comforter measuring 90” x 98” and checks in at 34 ounces of down.

2. True Baffle Box Design

The European Down Comforter uses branded baffle box design lets the down to loft and minimize shifting entirely. The baffle box stitching creates three-dimensional cells with internal fabric layers that maintain loft and deter piling of the fill.

It also boosts optimum thickness and comfort while preserving uniform dispersion within the boxes.  Patented Comfort Lock Border has a 3-way border to prevent down from shifting to the sides and bottom.

The shell comes with 420 thread count of Egyptian cotton barrier offering extreme softness, durability, and blocking down from spreading out. Your body will pacify as you glide through the ultra-soft and higher thread count that envelopes you in a peaceful rest at night.

3. Year-Round Warmth

It provides year-round warmth for cozy comfort throughout the seasons and inclement weather. Select your warmth level to save up to 15% energy when asleep. European Down Comforter’s comfy insulating warmth allows you to scale down the thermostat.

Savings depend on minimizing your thermostat 5 degrees for at least 3% savings for every 1 degree reduced. It comes in handy as an all-season comforter as it’s breathable, lightweight, and permanently cozy. Interior fill baffles boost warmth to maintain ideal temperatures during winters.

When you unpack it and throw in a duvet cover, it puffs right up with warmness. Based on climate, you can even turn off the thermostat.

4. 100% Allergen-Proof Down

Pacific Coast Down Comforter

European Down Comforter’s Hyperclean® Pyrénées Down completely removes dust, dirt, and allergens. Thoroughly cleaned down and feather lack allergenic particles like dander and powder known to trigger allergic reactions or hypersensitivity.

The manufacturer utilizes digital software known as Hyperclean® to assess each pile of down and feathers. It facilitates spanking cleaning and meets stringent allergen-free standards.

You’ll get softness, coziness, and warmth of the down comforter without allergic risks. Tightly-woven barrier weave keeps dust, mites, and other impurities from poking through your bedding. It’s a renowned brand vouching for the Pacific Coast’s allergic-free properties.

5. Easy 3-to-5-Year Cleaning Care

The Pacific Coast European Down Comforter will sustain its flatter, comfort, and warmth with cleaning for every 3 to 5 years. Dry-clean, its machine washable with a mild detergent at shallow temperature.

Use a washable duvet sheet to keep it cleaner for an extended time. Professional laundering and dry cleaning will provide reliable comfort and long-lasting durability.

It may get fluffier than its original shape when it arrives after clean-up. Give the comforter enough time to inflate fully.

You can go for a plunge in its sea of warming and gentle comfort with year-round, hotel-quality lushness. Warm sleepers, winter sleepers, summers or fall, it fits all manner of situations.

Why Should You Use Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter?

1. 420 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton & 650 Power Fill

The Comforter has 420-thread-count Egyptian cotton barrier weave fabric that’s soft, durable and keeps down locked in place.

The 650 Fill Power and larger, more robust clusters render higher loft, exclusive insulation, and breath ability all seasons.

2. True Baffle-Box Construction

Baffle box design creates three-dimensional cells formed by internal fabric layers allowing down clusters to loft fully.

Baffle boxes shells carve out chambers with vertical inner walls, which deter the down fill from shifting. You will not run into bunching as the down remains evenly distributed across the comforter.

3. Comfort Lock Border

Lighter and more comfortable to maintain Comfort Lock Border lets down inside to fully loft and minimizes shifting. It’s a patented three-dimensional border that locks down securely in the “sweet spot” sleep area on the bed. It has 30% less weight and does not need overfilling to balance the wasted down along the bed.

4. Save up to 15%

Select any warmth level to cuddle yourself while saving up to 15% after turning down the thermostat. You can cut back 3% for every 1 degree reduced while it provides year-round warmth.

5. Higher Fill Power

650 Fill Power Hyper clean down has superior, fluffier clusters for opulently cozy insulation. It also results in higher loft and breath ability without cold spots. 650 fill power insulation medium-weight supports all-season comfort.

Product Benefits
  • Super-soft, 420-thread-count pre-filled with premium Pyrenees down for medium-weight, cozy and warm design
  • Hyper clean Pyrenees fill for more significant, fluffier clusters with extraordinary insulation
  • Branded, no-shift Comfort Lock Border allows down to loft fully and keeps down in place
  • Baffle box construction traps down in cubical pockets in the comforter for a fluffier, cloud-like and lavish hug
  • Whisper-silent, breathable and evenly-distributed down
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton provides cozy comfort, lightweight, and fuzzy cuddling
The Negative Things
  • It’s heavier and not generous for a king-size bed

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it pack goose or duck down?

It has European duck down fill from the polar regions of the Pyrenees Mountains in France.

2. Does the European Down Comforter’s downshift?

No, baffle-box construction and no-shift comfort lock border keep fillings securely in place.

3. How does it cover a queen size bed?

It has generous dimensions for a queen size bed as it covers it entirely.

4. Does it cut back thermostat energy expenditure?

Yes, you can save up to 3% for every degree reduced.

5. What are the product dimensions?

Its tag cites 90 x 98 finished and 23” x 16” x 8” dimensions.

Final Verdict

Unlock a new experience with our Pacific Coast: European Down Comforter Review. Plush fluffy, large clusters of 650 fill power Hyperclean® Pyrenees Down offers better-quality loft, superior insulation, and breath ability.

Odor-proof and no-shift down fill provides warmth, comfort, and softness to your bed that you’ll leap at diving into it. The cozy, insulating, and all-year-round warmth means you can cut back thermostat energy outflow.

Its lining has a super-soft, gentle touch to the skin and fluffiness that nestles your body continuously at night. In all seasons and climates, it generates high-class comfort. It supports its shape excellently and keeps fillings uniformly dispersed.