Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Goose Down Comforter

You can soothe your body by draping yourself in an ultra-soft, fluffy and lightweight comforter. A top-end quilt offers luxuriously soft, warm and anti-allergic characteristics to shine through in comfort.

Our Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Goose Down Comforter Review captures the comfort, quality, and posh bedding blending in with any bedroom.

The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees design will keep you warm or fresh in the inclement weather. Its construction maintains even distribution of warmth and supports the piling of delicate down feathers inside. Add a modish touch to your bedroom with the down comforter.

Ultra-soft and premium-quality fillings stuffed with a luxurious 100% cotton shell, goose down and down fiberfill carve out a haven to burrow at night.

Dominant Features | Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Goose Down Comforter Review

1. Posh White Goose DownPinzon Signature Comforter

Pinzon Signature Pyrenees down fill possesses superior air permeability to maintain ideal body warmth by wicking away water vapor and excess heat for sweat-free sleeping comfort.

Fillings made from goose feather and down add a creamy taste due to their soft, light and cozy feel improving quality of sleep.

Breathability prevents the accumulation of heat making white goose down consistently comfortable over a broad range of conditions. Goose down offers better durability than microfiber fills.

The soft, light and fluffy clusters pack tons of microscopic air pockets which provide great insulation-locking cold air out for steady warmth. White down and feathers perfectly go well with your bedding.

2. PermaBaffle End-to-End Stitching

The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees uses a 14”-baffle-box end-to-end stitching design. Unlike products made with standard baffle box method, which cannot prevent clumping of the fillings, PermaBaffle renders a shiftless construction.

It’s the only branded technique that will not allow filling to clump, even after washing. Traditional baffle-box designs typically allow shift and imbalance of the filling; manufacturers do don recommend machine washing. Each 14” baffle box stops shifting of tightly packed filling and remains ultra-soft after machine washing or drying.

You will snuggle up warmly throughout its lifespan as the goose down remains uniformly distributed to the edges. The construction also maximizes thickness and creates a softer, flatter look for your bedroom.

3. 48 Ounces of White Goose Down for Medium Level Warmth

With 48-ounce fill of white goose down, it provides medium warmth and better thickness for all-season comfort. It keeps the filling fluffy to offer warmth and comfort without adding weight or increasing body heat excessively.

At 48 ounces, it provides the benefits of an intermediate level between lower and higher fill. You can transform your bedroom with a broad array of styles and avoid the need to replace the bedding every season.

The leak-proof 100% cotton shell in a 400-thread-count dobby weave flatters its looks with a gorgeous striped pattern. Medium warmth cancels heat when room temperature soars to maintain a comfortable level.

4. Fill PowerGoose Down Comforter

Fill power illustrates how many cubic inches of volume an ounce of down occupies, and the Pinzon Signature Pyrenees 600 level checks in at the industry’s favored figure. Higher fill power means more massive and robust clusters of down.

Large geese clusters render superior insulation, improved breathability, and durability than smaller, frail down clusters fillings found in substandard comforters. 600 fill power vouches for the quality, loft, and warmth of down filling.

Though higher fill translates to heaviness, it’s still a lightweight, warm and furry comforter. It comes in year-round medium warmth for delightful cozy sleeping experiences. The Pyrenees down has better loft and insulating power due to the higher fill power attained.

5. Hypoallergenic

The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees comes with hypoallergenic goose down, 100% cotton shell and fiberfill. It has undergone multi-tier washing and rinsing cycles for fresh cleanliness and sanitation.

The manufacturer uses a specialized cleaning system that expels dander or fine particles for 100% hypoallergenic and odorless fill. It’s made of first-grade, durable and pliable cotton with no porous pores and edges to let in bed bugs or mites.

The Pyrenees down and feathers in the fill subjected to the industry’s most ossified sanitization system purge impurities such as dust, dander, odor, and oil. If you have allergy symptoms, the Pinzon Signature Pyrenees can improve health by preventing allergic sensitivity.

Why Should You Use Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Goose Down Comforter?

Pinzon Signature Comforter

1. All-Year Comfort

Pinzon Signature Pyrenees comes with 100% cotton shell for optimum comfort. It boasts 600 fill power and 48 ounces white goose down fill for an excellent combination. It remains fluffy and lofts enough for warmth and comfort in all climates.

2. 400-Thread-Count Dobby Weave

The cotton shell features 400-thread-count, with delicate striped dobby-weave stitching for a 100% leak-proof cover. It means the fillings do not leak out of the comforter’s edges due to firm support and uniform distribution.

3. Ingenious and Tight Stitching

The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees has inventive and secure stitching using a unique box design to keep the fills in place. It’s a patented back-to-back 14” permabaffle method which permanently locks the down securely in each part. It creates a symmetrical design that fosters comfort all through the entire swathe on your bed.

4. Easy Care

The delicate design does not mean it’s not machine washable and dryable. Use a mild or all-natural detergent, the gentle cycle and dry with a sensitive setting. You can tumble dry or leave it in open sun.

5. Year-Round Comfort

Pinzon Signature Pyrenees packs 48-ounce fill and 600 fill power to maintain warmth and breathability. It ensures you have an insulating envelope that prevents excessive heat or chilly air for ideal body warmth.

Product Benefits
  • Fills light against the body even though its heavy and has higher fill power
  • Eye-catching striped design
  • Fluffy, ultra-soft and fluidly distributed for no clumps and flat areas in between
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Maintains excellent warmth during winter and summer
  • Leak-proof 100% cotton shell
  • Goose down renders superior insulation, breathability, and durability
The Negative Things
  • Does not attain optimum warmth for sleepers in extremely chilly Antarctica-like regions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it porous as to allow feathers to escape?

No, the comforter has a leak-proof cotton shell that curbs any spewing of tiny feather pieces.

2. Does it weigh heavily against the body?

As a mid-weight comforter with high fill power, it provides year-round comfort while remaining fluffy and light.

3. How does permabaffle box-stitching differ from regular baffle box construction

It’s a patented shiftless construction that keeps filling locked securely in place.

4. What are the Pinzon Signature Pyrenees’ product dimensions?

It’s a full queen-size measuring 90” x 96”.

5. I suffer from goose down allergy; does the product’s hypoallergenic fill make any difference?

Its allergen-free down has gone through proper sanitation to purge dirt and the allergens while it resists the entry of allergen contaminants.

Final Verdict

The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees design will keep you refreshed in the hottest nights and warm in the chilliest weather. It’s worth a nickel if you seek something you can count on for year-round comfort.

It features a 100% cotton shell for an ultra-soft and warm cloud-like hug. The comforter integrates superior permabaffle box-stitching, 600 fill power and 48 ounces of fill making its medium weight and warm. Its construction prevents the filler from bunching up or shifting.

It will baby you at a comfortable temperature and even out fiberfill for a king-like slumber. It maintains breathability, durability, and equal distribution for long making it a lucrative bedroom investment.